Kent Barnds


After 12 years of major construction projects, Augustana College now wants to spend time and money on beautifying the campus in Rock Island. Friday it announced a 3 year campaign, called "Blue, Gold, and Beautiful," with a budget of up to one million dollars.

Augustana Supports MAP Recipients

Mar 17, 2016

Students who receive state money to attend Augustana College don't have to worry, at least for now. As the state budget impasse continues in Illinois, and no money is distributed for Monetary Award Program grants, the college will step in to bridge the gap. 

Vice President Kent Barnds says currently nearly 700 students at Augustana each receive MAP grants averaging $4,700 a year. And they can continue to attend classes this spring and register for the fall because he believes the state will reimburse the college once a budget is finally worked out. 

Augustana College

A multi-million dollar "recycling" project is now underway at Augustana College. A major part of the nearly 40 year old College Center is being turned into a modern theater center.

Augustana College

Theater students at Augustana College next fall will have new, bigger facilities for learning, practicing, and performing. Last week, construction began on a new theater department in the College Center, which currently includes a dining hall and bookstore. 

WVIK Staff

Augustana College and Renaissance Rock Island are working together to introduce new students and prospective students to the city. Today they launched a campaign featuring Mini Gus, a small version of the college mascot, Gus the Viking.