Reprieve for Cordova

Sep 11, 2015

The Cordova nuclear plant and its 800 jobs are safe for now. Exelon says an offer to supply electricity by the Quad Cities Generating Station has been accepted by the power grid serving the midwest and eastern US, so the plant will stay open at least through early in 20-18.

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Officials at the nuclear power plant in Cordova are disappointed its bid was rejected in an auction last week. Spokesman Bill Stoermer says the Quad Cities Generating Station is one of three Exelon plants that will not receive guaranteed revenue for power capacity in 2018-2019.  He says it's the second time the Cordova plant's bid has not "cleared." Grid operator, PJM, also rejected its bid in the 2017-18 auction. So Exelon will have to sell the plant's power on the open market.


Exelon is a profitable company that shouldn't threaten to close its plant in Cordova, or ask Illinois customers to pay more. That's according to the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition whose members include 50 groups and 150 companies across the state.

 Today, Exelon announced the Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station will not receive any revenue from a power capacity auction on Friday. Coalition spokesman Billy Weinberg says Exelon's Illinois customers have already paid for the Cordova plant and its maintenance "over and over again."

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Exelon is pushing for legislation in Illinois to help keep its nuclear power plant open in the Quad Cities. Today, executives from Exelon and some state representatives discussed what it will take to keep three nuclear plants in Illinois open, including the Quad Cities plant in Cordova. 

Bill Stoermer, from Exelon, says the generating stations have lost 350-million-dollars in the past 5 years. And if that trend continues, Exelon will have to close the Cordova plant, which employs about 800 people. 

Three weeks after it shut down for maintenance and refueling, one of the two nuclear reactors just north of the Quad Cities is back in service. Exelon says Unit One at the Quad Cities Generating Station in Cordova resumed generating electricity on Tuesday.