Photo by John LaBella

Featuring Jessica Denney and Lou Hare

A husband and wife muse on the bittersweet irony of children playing on the old tank at Credit Island in John Bowman’s Credit Island Reverie.

Mark Twain on Twitter

Aug 13, 2016

Photo by Kate Kremer

Ann Boaden’s clever, subtly rhyming play follows a conversation between two ducks floating in the Augustana Slough, featuring Camilla Best and Jessica Denney.

Ramsar Designation for Milan Bottoms?

Aug 6, 2016

John Tann from Flickr

Due to cases of the Zika Virus, potential blood donors are now being asked if they've traveled recently to south Florida. The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center wants people who visited Miami-Dade and Broward counties to postpone giving blood for up to one month after their return. 

Moving Mussels

Aug 2, 2016
Gary J. Wege/USFWS.

After nearly 20 years of planning, a project has started to save thousands of mussels in the Mississippi River between Moline and Bettendorf. Tuesday a Saint Louis company began re-locating mussels along the route of the new I-74 bridge. 

My Internship in Milan Bottoms

Jul 30, 2016

One River Dance Project of 2006

Jul 23, 2016

Severe Temperatures Expected in the Quad Cities

Jul 19, 2016
National Weather Service

Extreme weather continues in the Quad Cities. The National Weather Service in Davenport is warning people to prepare for extreme heat Thursday and Friday. Meteorologists predict temperatures will be in the mid-nineties on both days.  

Is it Pluhv-er or Ploh-ver?

Jul 16, 2016