Dr. Steve Hager, Augustana College Biology Professor

The Illinois Audubon Society has re-named a large nature preserve where 174 species of birds make their home. Over the weekend, members held a dedication ceremony at what Augustana College used to call the Green Wing Environmental Laboratory, located in Lee County. It's now called the Gremel Wildlife Sanctuary. The society bought it for about $2 million late last year.

The 13th Annual Explore the River Series

Jun 3, 2017

Lead Continues to Poison Bald Eagles

Jun 1, 2017

The comeback of the American bald eagle is a success story across the Great Lakes region, and keeping them safe is a high priority for many environmental professionals. But one potential danger to the great raptor is lead poisoning.

Seventeen Feet and Rising

May 31, 2017
National Weather Service

Moderate flooding is occurring along the Mississippi River, and it should continue for several more days.

Iowa DNR / Iowa DNR

An Iowa agency is reminding boaters and paddlers to help prevent aquatic hitchhikers from moving to new places in the state.

Signing the Black Hawk Treaty

May 27, 2017

Mississippi Rising Again

May 25, 2017
National Weather Service

Thanks to heavy rain upstream in recent weeks, minor to moderate flooding is now predicted for the Mississippi River.


Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury are now part of a multi-year study of eagles in the midwest. Tuesday morning tracking devices were attached to the three eaglets from the nest near the Arconic plant in Riverdale.

My Big Green Wedding

May 20, 2017

Iowa and the QCs on the Road to the Civil War

May 13, 2017