The Illinois River could have a brighter, cleaner future ahead.

Illinois scientists are studying an endangered species of rattlesnake to find ways to revive its numbers. 

The Eastern massasauga once was widespread in the Midwest, living mainly in the Great Lakes region. Over several decades, its population declined dramatically. The species lives in wetlands, many of which have been drained to to build farms. Northern Illinois University biologist Richard King said it's also the only venomous snake in its range, which has made it a target.

A brown and cream-colored owl perches on a tree branch with green leaves in the background.
submitted / TPC Deere Run Maintenance Operations

TPC Deere Run is known for more than hosting the John Deere Classic every summer. It's also known as an outdoor classroom, a training ground for firefighters, and for environmental stewardship.

Learning on the Mississippi

Mar 18, 2017

Living Lands and Waters / Submitted

Reporter Jack Cullen covers the outdoors for the Quad-City Times. For this week's Big Story, he gives readers and inside look at Living Lands and Waters.

The Importance of Bees as Pollinators

Mar 11, 2017

A "name" that's synonymous with conservation and the environmental movement will be the featured speaker this weekend at the 12th annual Environmental Film Fest. Ken Brower is a son of David Brower, 

considered the father of the modern enviromemental movement and the first executive director of the Sierra Club.

The crest of the Mississippi River has reached the Quad Cities.


Mar 4, 2017

Minor Flooding Likely

Mar 2, 2017

The chances for minor flooding by the Mississippi River have gone way up, but the probability of moderate flooding has held steady. Thursday the National Weather Service released its second flood outlook for this spring.