Election 2016

Credit Photo: Andrew Malone (Flickr)

The election season can seem crazy and stressful.

But, a year from now, we'll have a new President and a new  Congress.

So let's think on the bright side.

During this election season, which can often feel like a reality TV show, what makes you hopeful for a brighter economic tomorrow?

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Pumped on Trump

Jan 28, 2016

Rallying for Trump in Sin City

Reporter Katharine Mieszkowski hops on a plane to Nevada to attend a Donald Trump rally at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. To experience the event the way supporters do, she made sure to stand in the eye of the storm. She navigates herself through a sea thick with Trump supporters and records what she hears there in the middle of the crowd.

You will hear tense events unfold as protesters disrupt the rally and are thrown out by security.

Precinct map for Scott County, IA (2016)
http://www.scottcountyiowa.net/auditor/pub/precinct_maps/Scott_County_Precinct_Maps/Overall_Map/Scott_County_Large.pdf / Scott County Auditor

Political party officials in Scott County have been answering a lot of questions before Monday's caucuses. One of the most common is, "Where do I go to participate?"

Just about every presidential candidate is making their way through the Quad Cities ahead of the Iowa Caucuses on Monday. A large schedule of events in Davenport begins tomorrow, with democrat Bernie Sanders. He'll appear at the Danceland Ballroom at 5:30 pm.

WVIK Staff

Hoping to repeat his victory of four years ago, republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum started a 50-city final tour of the state over the weekend, leading up to the Iowa caucuses next Monday. 

At a town hall meeting in Davenport Monday, the former US senator from Pennsylvania said there are a lot of good republican candidates this year, saying the right things, but with little or no record of accomplishments.

Santorum says he has a long record of accomplishments in foreign policy, welfare reform, and trying to fix Social Security.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stopped in the Quad Cities today for a volunteer canvass. Around 150 people attended the campaign stop in Davenport--many were there to volunteer for Sanders, a Democrat.

Lisa Lewis Garman from Davenport helped organize canvass routes today, and has been volunteering since September. Once she decided she supported Sanders, her next step was to donate her time to his campaign.


While most volunteers are canvassing door-to-door, Air Force Veteran Nick Tsacudakis, from Davenport, says he's been helping out in other ways.


Last August, Australia’s new Labor party leader Julia Gillard ran for office promising that she had no intention of pursuing a carbon tax. But that was before she became Prime Minister, and before a multi-party government commission endorsed a carbon tax as part of a long term plan to make markets account for the costs of climate pollution.

Gillard now says that if Australia’s coal-dependent economy doesn’t change, it will be left behind.

Martin O'Malley

Less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses, presidential candidates keep adding campaign stops in the state. Wednesday night at 7, Carly Fiorina will speak at the Long Grove Community Center.

GOP Campaigns Diverge on Climate Questions

Jan 16, 2016

In the mere weeks leading up to the nation’s first presidential primary election in New Hampshire, Republican candidates are campaigning heavily in a vital effort to sway voters. Host Steve Curwood tracked down Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Florida Senator Marco Rubio to find out how the candidates would address climate change, if they occupied the White House. (published January 15, 2016)

The Changing Climate in the GOP Race

Jan 16, 2016

The partisan divide on the issue of global warming challenges Republican presidential candidates. Many GOP primary voters tend to be conservatives who are wary of climate action, but surveys show a majority of voters expected in the general election favor government action to protect the climate. Host Steve Curwood discusses the GOP field with The Atlantic's associate editor Clare Foran. (published January 15, 2016)