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Emerald ash borer
U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr

The emerald ash borer is a half-an-inch, green beetle that lays its eggs on ash trees. Ash borer larvae bore into the trees, where they feed on the parts that transport nutrients, eventually killing the trees.

This week in the Quad-City Times, Devan Patel reports on the extent of the damage caused by the Emerald Ash Borer in Davenport, and the steps the city is taking to mitigate the problem.

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Stanley Liggins wants to fire his defense team.

In a motion filed Thursday, Liggins is asking for another lawyer, citing “fundamental disagreements about pretrial and trial strategy” with public defenders, Derek Jones and Miguel Puentes. 


The Rock Island Library Foundation will soon start raising money to move the main library to the Tri-City Jewish Center. That follows a “philanthropic feasibility study” showing that this is the best of three options.

Scott Reeder sits down with guests from other true crime podcasts to discuss some of the intricacies about the Stanley Liggins case, and dig into some angles that may not have been considered yet. /

Maybe an alleged thief in the Quad Cities isn't the low-life we thought he/she was. This afternoon, the Moline Police Department announced a veteran's wheel chair lift wasn't stolen as was believed. Michelle O'Neill reports the alleged thief doesn't exist.

Many people contacted Crime Stoppers to give tips about the wheel chair lift. They helped officers find it near 7th Avenue and 17th Street in Rock Island. A press release says the lift somehow separated from the veteran's Trail Blazer sometime on Saturday night, April 1.

Last week, Quad-City Times columnist Barb Ickes launched a new series about off-limits places in the community. The first installment about the underbelly of the I-74 bridge was published as the Big Story of the week.

Ickes joined Lacy Scarmana to talk about the next installment, which features the 'Quarry House' in LeClaire, Iowa. 

The Gazette (Ced.Rapids) (Andy Abeyta/Freelance)

Nine years after a record-setting flood, Cedar Rapids is still trying to recover, now beginning to work on a floodwall.

Vietnam Veterans Day

Mar 29, 2017

Dozens of people gathered Wednesday to honor veterans of the Vietnam War. A VFW Post in East Moline hosted the annual Vietnam Veterans Day Remembrance Ceremony.


Work will begin soon to build a stage for special events in downtown East Moline. Backers of the project held a celebration Tuesday afternoon at the corner of 8th Street and 15th Avenue.

Mark Goebel / Flickr

This week, Quad-City Times columnist Barb Ickes is starting a new series exploring "off-limits" places in the Quad Cities area. 

The first installment of the series took her to the underbelly of the I-74 bridge.