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Courtesy of Brendan Iglehart

Of the more than 30 countries that Davenport native and resident Brendan Iglehart has visited, perhaps none is more shrouded in secrecy than North Korea. 

Area hospitals are limiting the number of visits to patients in an attempt to quell the number of flu cases.
William Brawley / Flickr

If you don't feel well, please don't visit hospitals in the Quad Cities. Today, due to a flu outbreak, both Genesis and Unity Point health systems announced they're restricting visitors to only those who are well.

During the past week, the number of people hospitalized because of the flu has increased. And more people have been showing up at clinics and emergency rooms with flu symptoms, respiratory illnesses, and digestive problems.

Warming Centers

Dec 27, 2017

With dangerously cold conditions predicted through the weekend, Rock Island Township has opened a warming center.  

Someone has brightened the holiday season for the Salvation Army. Thursday a Liberty gold coin was dropped in a red kettle at the Moline Walmart store. 

CityChannel Dubuque

Dubuque will once again use Christmas Day and New Year's Eve to premier new videos about the city. The city's relationship with the Mississippi River is the subject of "River Boats, River Voices," volumes 1 and 2, that'll be shown on CityChannel Dubuque.