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Work will begin soon to build a stage for special events in downtown East Moline. Backers of the project held a celebration Tuesday afternoon at the corner of 8th Street and 15th Avenue.

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This week, Quad-City Times columnist Barb Ickes is starting a new series exploring "off-limits" places in the Quad Cities area. 

The first installment of the series took her to the underbelly of the I-74 bridge.

Mercer County Better Together

Residents of Mercer County are being asked to help plan its future. The next in a series of community meetings will be held Thursday night in Eliza.

For this episode, we go back to 1990 to explore Stanley Liggins' living situation at the time he was arrested for murdering Jennifer Lewis.

One Human Family QCA

Mar 16, 2017

Worried about the increases in hate speech and hate incidents across the country, some local residents have joined forces.

On Thursday, they formally introduced their new group, One Human Family QCA. 

Map of the St. Patrick's Day parade route including downtown Rock Island and Davenport / Rock Island Police Department

St. Patrick's Day activities on Saturday mean parking will be limited in some areas of downtown Rock Island and Davenport. 

For this week's Big Story in the Quad-City Times, the newspaper staff analyzed the transparency of local governments. 

Stanley Liggins sits at the defense table with attorneys Derek Jones (left) and Miguel Puentes during a pretrial hearing.
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Pretrial motion hearings wrapped up two weeks ago for the Stanley Liggins case. 

In this episode, we talk about Judge Marlita Greve's ruling to approve the defense's motion for a change of venue.

Rev. P. Wonder Harris shows his wristband while talking about the program.
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A group of local pastors has a way to help reduce racial tension between minorities and the police. This morning at the Moline Police Department, members of the clergy, police chiefs, sheriffs, mayors, and school superintendents signed a three-year covenant. They all promised to increase respect for others, check their own assumptions, and keep everyone safe.

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For this week's Big Story in the Quad-City Times, reporter Devan Patel writes about how foreign doctors are helping to fill the doctor shortage in the Quad Cities.