Augustana College

There's been a change in plans for Augustana College's graduation ceremony. Actor Eric Christian Olsen, who plays a detective on NCIS: Los Angeles, will not be able to give the commencement address due to a film he's working on in Hollywood.

Olsen grew up in Bettendorf.

Eagle View Group of the Sierra Club

How polluted is the Rock River? That's the question volunteers from a group called the Eagle View Water Sentinels is trying to answer as it samples rivers and streams in Illinois.

Kristen Bergren, from the Eagle View Group of the Sierra Club, says volunteers began sampling about 10 different streams last month. 

The samples are then tested by volunteers in a lab at Augustana College, and eventually  sent to the Illinois EPA.

Augustana Supports MAP Recipients

Mar 17, 2016

Students who receive state money to attend Augustana College don't have to worry, at least for now. As the state budget impasse continues in Illinois, and no money is distributed for Monetary Award Program grants, the college will step in to bridge the gap. 

Vice President Kent Barnds says currently nearly 700 students at Augustana each receive MAP grants averaging $4,700 a year. And they can continue to attend classes this spring and register for the fall because he believes the state will reimburse the college once a budget is finally worked out. 

Mississippi Valley Conservancy & Untamed Science

What makes the upper Mississippi River Valley different from the rest of the Midwest ? That's the focus of a documentary, "Mysteries of the Driftless," that'll be shown this weekend during the 11th annual Environmental Film Fest at Augustana College.

WVIK Staff

Nationally, women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes, but in Illinois' 17th congressional district, they only make 72 cents. That's the message from Representative Cheri Bustos and Augustana College students today.

They held a "Gender Wage Gap Bake Sale," and women were charged 72 cents for a cookie or brownie while men were charged a dollar.Bustos says congress needs to address its current laws that are anti-family. 

And she says it's especially important to raise awareness of the gender wage gap on college campuses like Augustana.


Bustos is a co-sponsor of a bill, which would help eliminate pay discrimination and prevent retaliation when workers share how much they make.

Submitted / Augustana College Athletics

The top-ranked Augustana men's basketball team will face Emory Friday night in the third round of the Division III NCAA Tournament.

Dave Wrath, Augustana sports information director, says eight players who came in as freshmen in the fall of 2012 are still on the team. 

The Vikings will have home court advantage again, after winning last weekend's games in Rock Island.

Augustana went 26-1 over the season and won the CCIW Tournament championship.

The Emory Eagles won the University Athletic Association championship, after going 20-7 for the season.

Augustana College

A multi-million dollar "recycling" project is now underway at Augustana College. A major part of the nearly 40 year old College Center is being turned into a modern theater center.

WVIK Staff

America will need to fill three million manufacturing jobs over the next decade. But right now, companies can only find about one-third of the skilled workers they need. That's according to Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and other economic leaders, who gathered for the third annual Illinois Economic Summit today at Augustana College. 

Augustana College

Theater students at Augustana College next fall will have new, bigger facilities for learning, practicing, and performing. Last week, construction began on a new theater department in the College Center, which currently includes a dining hall and bookstore. 

Augustana Names New CFO

Oct 19, 2015
Augustana College

A graduate of Augustana College will return to campus to work as chief financial officer. On Friday, the college announced the hiring of Kirk Anderson, currently an associate director of procurement finance at Kraft-Heinz Foods in Northfield, Illinois. 

Anderson will start his new job in December. He graduated in 1993, and since then has spent 20 years working in accounting and finance, including 15 years at Kraft. He also served as the plant controller at the Oscar Mayer plant in Davenport, from 2009 through 2011.