State Help for Companies in QC & Dubuque

May 19, 2017

The state of Iowa will help preserve jobs in Dubuque, and help a Quad Cities company move and expand. Friday the board of the Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded direct financial assistance and tax benefits to a total of eight companies for job creation and expansion projects. 

Credit Lewis Machine and Tool Company

Lewis Machine and Tool was founded in Milan in 1980 with one employee, but now has 170, and it needs more space. So the state of Iowa will give it 250,000 dollars and tax benefits to build a new plant in Eldridge. Company officials say this will allow Lewis to expand and put all of its operations at one site. 

Lewis makes rifles and other weapons for the military and law enforcement agencies around the world. 

In Dubuque, Flexsteel will receive one million dollars and tax benefits from the authority to help build a new furniture plant. The 29 million dollar project is supposed to retain 200 jobs.