Local Musician Suffers Injuries After Fall

Feb 13, 2018

A local musician working to restore an old church in LeClaire into a recording studio was badly injured in a fall.

Mikey Loy of the Penny Serfs discussed his band's latest album and his restoration work last week on WVIK's Talking Art podcast. Days after the interview aired, Loy fell 15 feet while refinishing the church's ceiling. 

He suffered a concussion, multiple facial fractures, skull fractures, a broken jaw, broken wrists, and a minor fracture on his spine.

His sister-in-law, Whitney Keeler, says Loy will make a full recovery after wrist and jaw reconstruction surgeries.

"Now that we don't have that obvious major concern that he will survive this accident, now that we know he's going to be okay, my sister and Mike are left with this huge scare of, how are we going to do this financially?"

Keeler created a GoFundMe page to raise money to help pay Loy's medical bills. 

Loy's wife stays home with the couple's children. Loy will not be able to make money touring while he recovers from the fall.