Local Filmmaker Tries Crowdfunding

Apr 15, 2015

Hoping to turn his fascination with the 1920's into a film, an art professor at Western Illinois University is asking us to help. Bruce Walters has started a "crowdfunding" campaign to raise money for what he calls "The Spirit of the Age."

The 20's was a time of great change in the US - it was the jazz age, with prohibition,  women had just won the right to vote, and a new invention called radio was becoming popular. To bring all of that to life, Walters envisions a young woman from the farm, entering a dance hall for the first time and meeting artists, suffragettes, and others.

Credit Bruce Walters

Right now, Walters is trying to raise 15,000 dollars for the development phase of the project - through crowdfunding and applying for grants.

His goal is to create a one-hour art film, appropriate for public television, with interactive media and a touring art exhibit.A teaser for the project is available on his website, thespiritoftheage.com, and that's also where contributions can be made.