K9 Kindness Needs Donations to Help Dogs from Texas

Sep 19, 2017

Humans aren't the only ones getting help following Hurricane Harvey in Houston. K-9 Kindnesss brought nine dogs from Texas to the Quad Cities to find them homes.

President and founder, Debbie Fraker, says about half of them have been adopted, while the rest are in temporary, foster homes. They're dogs that had been in shelters for a long time that may have been euthanized to make room for pets displaced by the hurricane.

K-9 Kindness could use help paying for their veterinary bills. Even though the dogs may have been to the vet in Texas, Fraker takes them again. Frequently, dental problems, skin issues, and other medical conditions have been missed or ignored during an initial exam.

Mallard Pointe Kennels has also been helping the non-profit by taking care of a few of the Texas dogs. K-9 Kindness has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to accept donations. Fraker says people may also take their donations to the Animal Family Veterinary Care Center at 6011 North Brady Street in Davenport.