IA Gubernatorial Candidate Campaigns in QC

May 5, 2017

A new member of the Iowa legislature is now running for governor. 

Democratic State Senator Nate Boulton is painting himself as the democrat who led the charge against republican legislation during his first term in the Iowa Senate.  

The attorney from Des Moines stopped at a union hall in Davenport Friday on a two-day campaign tour.

"I'm so proud of the fights we took on on the senate floor and what's going to make difference for making sure Iowa has a better future is not just saying we are against the things that we've seen push through with this Brandstad-Reynolds administration, but offering that vision forward."

He's campaigning on workers' rights, economic development, and school funding. 

Iowa State Senator Nate Boulton talks with union members, activists after a campaign speech in Davenport, Iowa, May 5, 2017.
Credit WVIK Staff

"What we can do for Iowa's economy for the next generation is get back to what has made Iowa a successful state, doing things that increase the quality of life in the state, and that starts with a strong public school system."

Boulton was elected to the Iowa senate just last November--his first role in public office--but says he has years of experience fighting for workers' rights. 

"It's something I've done for 11 years as a workers' rights attorney. I've even taken on three  tough cases on behalf of public employees against the Brandstad-Reynolds administration."

He joins former party chair Andy McGuire in the race for the democratic nomination.