Healthy Harvest Opens in Downtown RI

Jun 19, 2017

Co-owner Chad Summers and dietician Kera Linn.
Credit WVIK News

A year and-a-half after it was first announced, and a year after it was supposed to open, a new grocery store is finally ready to open in downtown Rock Island. This week people can begin shopping at the Healthy Harvest Urban Farms Market on 2nd Avenue. 

 Co-owner Chad Summers says downtown Rock Island is a "food desert," and that with all the people moving to the area, demand has grown for something more than just a convenience store. He'll sell organic products mostly grown by local farmers. 

"People are starting to figure out that their health is directly related to what they eat. I don't necessarily want to be known as a health food store, but as a store that serves nutritious food that you can become healthy by eating."

 The main reason for the long delay was financing - Summers started out thinking he could open the store for about 10,000 dollars from his own money. But with all the updating required by the building at 16-16 2nd Avenue, it ended up costing about 200,000 dollars. 

That money came from the Development Association of Rock Island, the city, friends, and a local farmer.

Healthy Harvest will also have a "whole food cafe" overseen by a registered dietician, and by next year he hopes to have seven full-time employees.