Free Smoke Detectors Installed

Feb 8, 2018

these smoke alarms are good for about 10 years, and it's recommended that you change the batteries twice a year.
Credit WVIK News

Hoping to prevent more injuries and deaths, Davenport firefighters and the Red Cross will install smoke alarms for free this weekend. They'll install them in the Five Seasons Trailer Park where a fire in December killed a young woman and her four children.

Lieutenant Zach Soliz says the fire department and Red Cross offer this service all year round, but there are more home fires during the winter because we're using furnaces, fireplaces, and space heaters.

"So in addition to us providing a smoke alarm, provided by the Red Cross, we talk to those living in the home about the importance and the locations. We talk about putting a smoke alarm on every floor and we talk about the significant areas - off the kitchen and also in the sleeping areas."

Dav. Fire Dept. Lt. Zach Soliz
Credit WVIK News

Soliz says people don't realize how dangerous fires can be - it can take as little as 30 seconds for a fire to double in size. And the earlier you're alerted, the better your chances of surviving.

"It won't happen to me - I'd wake up, or my dog would wake me up. You're banking on things that might not happen."

Following the fire in December, the Five Seasons Trailer Park asked the fire department for help, and he expects about a dozen homeowners there will have smoke alarms installed.

The installation is set for Saturday morning from 10 until noon.