Fire Prevention Tips for the Holidays

Dec 4, 2017

The holidays are a time of food, family, and fire hazards. This morning, the Davenport Fire Department reminded people to prevent fires over Christmas and New Year’s. That's when it receives more emergency calls.

Lieutenant Zack Soliz  says now is the time to inspect furnaces, replace filters, and make sure they're ready to go as the weather gets colder.  If you have to use space heaters,  keep a three foot area around them clear, and make sure to turn them off when you leave the room. 

Soliz hopes fire prevention becomes part of everyone’s holiday routine."There's nothing worse than  stringing up all your lights and plugging em and finding out that a couple are missing or not working. Check them ahead of time, and while your checking you'll want to check the electrical wires themselves. You don't want anything frayed." 

 Real Christmas Trees are notorious fire hazards during the holidays. They should be watered every day and displayed far from heat sources.  Soliz says the Davenport Fire Department receives a lot of calls because of candles. Adults should monitor them at all times, especially if there are pets or children around.