EICC Budget for 2017-18

Mar 13, 2017

Work on next year's budget for the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is nearly finished. Monday night trustees will hold a public hearing, and then vote on a proposal for Scott, Clinton, and Muscatine Community Colleges.

Spokesman Alan Campbell says the new budget totals 31.5 million dollars, nearly the same as this year.

"The challenge for us is that sets the upper limits for our budget because we have to by law have a budget turned in by March 15. But we really don't know what we will receive from the state legislature. So when I say it's the upper limit that means that we won't spend any more than that next year, but there's a good chance we'll spend less."

And until the Iowa legislature finishes work on its budget for next year, Campbell says trustees can't set tuition for next year - currently the in-state rate is 149 dollars per credit hour.

Not included in this budget for next year is the new urban campus in downtown Davenport. Converting some former bank buildings will cost about 30 million dollars and should be finished in time for classes to be held in the new campus next January. It's being funded by a separate foundation.