Democrat Who Helped Impeach Blagojevich Says Rauner Is Illinois' Worst Governor

Jun 7, 2017

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza says she's never seen a worse governor than Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, and that includes one she helped impeach. 

WVIK's Mariah Woelfel reports.

Rauner and Mendoza have had something of a rivalry since Mendoza was elected comptroller in November. 

Here she was speaking to the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce today: 

"As a democrat who led the impeachment efforts against former Governor Blagojevich, I was like for sure this is the litmus test for bad governor's in my lifetime, but I've got to say, Governor Rauner proved me wrong.  

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza speaks to the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, June 7.
Credit Mariah Woelfel

Mendoza was an Illinois state representative in 2009, when former Governor and fellow democrat Rod Blagojevich was impeached. 

By bringing it up she was trying to prove she's non-partisan when it comes to opposing bad governance. 

"They think 'oh she's being so partisan,' but I'm not, I'm not at all."

Rauner has blamed democrats for failing to make any meaningful efforts towards compromise.

The state currently owes about $15 billion in unpaid bills.