Connecting to Live Streams

The easiest way to connect to WVIK's online audio streams is right in your browser on your computer or mobile device by clicking the Listen Live button at the top of this and every page at


With an internet radio or audio player software, you may have to enter the address manually. Different streaming systems want different info, so here are a few ways to try:

The URLs that connects to are...
128K —
56K —

If your player wants an IP address rather than a URL, the server's IP address is and the port number is 8000. The Icecast server uses a .mp3 link, which is wvik1.mp3 for the 128K stream or wvik2.mp3 for the 56K.

If your player wants the IP address in URL form, that would be...
128K —
56K —

WVIK has no control over the links on connection services like TuneIn and Public Radio App. The easiest way to connect from anywhere is via the links at

Dave Garner
Operations Manager
WVIK Quad Cities NPR