Women's Leadership Council

January  28, 2014

      A new pre-school might soon be built in downtown Davenport. Today the Women's Leadership Council of the United Way announced it's raised the 2 1/2 million dollars necessary to open a new "early learning center."

      United Way president, Scott Crane, says the new facility would be part of a new downtown campus for the Scott County Family Y, planned for 4th Avenue near River Drive. The fund drive began 3 years ago.

      "We would have liked to have gone faster, but the reality is we hadn't done this type of fundraising before. We do the annual campaign and that's it. This was new. This was a capital drive with multi-year giving options and we were engaging folks who had never been engaged with the United Way before."

      Crane says the Women's Leadership Council was formed five years ago, as a way for the United Way to involve women in philanthropy. 

      "They've done a wonderful job working with women in the community to get them excited about early learning. Not only raising money for it, but engaging in advocacy efforts as well as project donations for families, really focusing on how to make sure kids are successful by the time they enter school."      

      Officials of the Y are scheduled to present their plans for a new downtown campus to the Davenport city council Wednesday night. 


(photo courtesy of the United Way. l to r -WLC co-cair Molly Carroll, former co-chair Caroline Ruhl, and WLC co-chair Joan Kuraitis)