WIU BHC Agreement

June  10, 2013

     Black Hawk College students without associates degrees will still be able to earn them after transferring to W-I-U. Today, college officials signed an agreement with Western Illnois University. It allows WIU credits to be applied to students' credit hours at Black Hawk.

     Vice President of Instruction at Black Hawk, Bettie Truitt, says it's for transfer students who are only a few credits away from earning an associates degree.

     "Some people might say, 'Well, what good is that? They're going to get a bachelor's degree anyway.' But we often know that life happens to students, and sometimes in the midst of their junior or senior year at the transfer institution they may not finish the bachelors degree. So what this does to benefit the student is it allows the student then to have the associate's degree at a minimum."

    Truitt says students with an associate's degree have a better chance of getting jobs and are 30 to 40 percent more likely to earn a bachelors degree. The agreement will go into effect this fall at Black Hawk College.