Volunteers Prepare for Bix 7

July  24, 2014

      Over 5,000 people are preparing for the largest annual race in the Quad Cities, but they won't be running. Today, volunteers are setting up for 40th Anniversary Bix 7.

      Volunteer chairman Jeff Bassman says there are 150 committees, each with a certain role such as setting up the start and finish lines, handing out water, registering runners, and administering drug tests. He says, this year, the race will have the most volunteers ever. 

      "There are people who may have wanted to run the race, but can't. You get family members. They may have a runner in the race. They may want to paticipate and so they'll help. I mean, if we had a demographic, we get them from all over the country, believe it or not."

      The 35-year Bix volunteer veteran remembers when there were about 25 committees. He jokes about taking the job as volunteer chairman because no one else wanted it, but says the race would be impossible without all the help. 

      "When the race is over, I have so much pride in the Quad Cities. So much pride in the community, you know. They take care of the runners. They help the police out. They help the fire people out. People notice that--not just nationally, but internationally. People remember that and they want to come back to our race, and that makes a big difference."

      Bassman is looking forward to this year's post-race party and says there will be a special surprise during the race.

      The Bix 7 will be held Saturday morning in downtown Davenport. 

(photo: courtesy of the Quad City Times Bix 7)