Virtual fundraiser helps buy real food

March  13, 2013

Foodbanks in Iowa will benefit from a new fundraising campaign. The Iowa Foodbank Association, the AARP, and a Des Moines  company called, Spindustry Digital, are sponsoring avirtual food drive on the internet.

State Director, Cory Berkenes from the association, says makes it convenient and easy for anyone with a computer to donate. "Donors can choose from product packages. We have a new spring package for them to purchase."

While foodbanks appreciate all kinds of donations, he says financial contributions help buy more food. "You could donate a couple of jars of peanut butter, but the foodbanks buy in bulk. They could buy a case or pallet of peanut butter with the same money."

For example, people can donate $25 to help feed a family of four for a week, or $20 for six boxes of cereal.

Eight foodbanks belong to the Iowa Foodbank Association which serves all 99 counties in the state. That includes the River Bend Foodbank in the Quad Cities. It serves Scott, Clinton, Muscatine and Jackson counties. And it's affiliated with a large food pantry in Dubuque County.