U.S. Treasury Secretary Visits Quad Cities

July  29, 2014

      Advanced technology and job creation are driving the American economy and the global manufacturing industry. That's according to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, who visited Alcoa's Davenport Works Facility this afternoon in the Quad Cities. 

     Alcoa just finished a $300 million expansion to increase aluminum production at Davenport Works. The Riverdale facility is now home to the world's largest aluminum rolling mill for making lighter parts. Lew says the plant sets an example for creating safe, cutting-edge vehicles.

      "It's pretty exciting to see the parts rolling off the production line, which are going to take 700 pounds out of a Ford Explorer, making it a better vehicle and a more fuel-effecient vehicle at the same time. It just proves that we can actually accomplish the goals of being competitive and creating jobs and being more fuel efficient at the same time. That's a pretty exciting thing."

      Alcoa's expansion added 150 new jobs and preserved 200.  Manufacturing director, Rob Woodall, says the computerized equipment is redefining manufacturing jobs and the company is filling a skills gap.

        "We went out and we got the employees, and we've worked with our community colleges to train them. I think that's a model for what needs to happen in regions around the nation."

      Lew also met with local business and community leaders at the Quad Cities Chamber office to discuss economic growth in the Quad Cities.

       The Treasury Secretary says the U.S. remains a leader in global manufacturing, and that innovation will help strengthen the American economy.