U.S. Senator Rand Paul Will Visit Quad Cities

August  04, 2014

      Tomorrow, a Republican senator and potential presidential nominee will be in the Quad Cities. U.S. Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul, will visit the Scott County Republican Headquarters in Davenport as part of his three-day tour of Iowa. 

      Chairwoman Judy Davidson says the visit comes at a critical point in Governor Terry Brandstad's re-election campaign: three months before voters head to the polls. 

      "One of the messages either he might bring up or that I will bring up is the urgency of the situation and how close actually the election is and how every vote counts. We're hitting a lot of the doors, talking with a voters and also making lots of calls, and we have some outreach programs that we're working on, as well."

       Scott County is home to one of Iowa's largest groups of Republicans. Leading up to November, some big-name Republicans will pass through in support of Branstad.  Texas Governor Rick Perry and Illinois congressional candidate Bobby Schilling will visit Davenport this week. Also, U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, will headline a Scott County fundraiser in October.

       Chairwoman Davidson says, "Certainly when people of those positions come to Iowa, one of the first things that people think about is, perhaps they're thinking about a potential presidential run, so that could be the case."

      Congressman Rand Paul will visit the Scott County Republican Headquarters tomorrow at 3:45 pm. He will then head to Urbandale.