Updating River Vision

January  15, 2014

      Extending the sky-bridge, more open space, and a sculpture garden, are just some of the ideas proposed for the Davenport riverfront. Tuesday, city officials held two public meetings to begin the process of updating the RiverVision plan.

      Senior Planning Manager, Matt Flynn, says the original plan was adopted in 2004, so ten years later is a good time to review it, and possibly make some additions.

      "We certainly have a dynamic riverfront with many changes over the past ten years. And now we have two, once-in-a-generation opportunities to look at this very key area of our riverfont and make big plans."

      Specifically, Davenport is looking at the former Dock restaurant, that will soon be replaced by a 5-story office and restaurant building. And where the Rhythm City casino boat is now docked - because it will be replaced by a land casino in a couple of years.

      Flynn says one of the more intriguing proposals made yesterday was for a window below the water level, where people could watch fish and other aquatic life. He saw something similar in Seattle last summer.

      "When I was there, it wasn't peak season for any of the species, but there were still a few big salmon in there just doing their thing. It's a big draw and I think it would be a big draw here even though it might be a little more hit or miss whether you see any fish."

      The next step is for Davenport's consultant to review all of the public suggestions, and develop a list of alternatives for the city to consider. Additional public meetings would then be held.