Trash Lid Advertising

March  06, 2014

      Garages and alleys in Moline will soon be filled with advertising. Working with a private company, the city will sell "ad space" on the lids of its garbage carts.

      Doug House, general manager of municipal services, says new lids will be put on the carts, with a slot for advertising placards that'll change each quarter.

      "National Cart Marketing will be completely responsible for the lid program. It will not require any additional city staff or employee work. It will all be maintained by them - we'll just receive a check."

      A small pilot program will begin later this month, but once the advertising goes city-wide, House says Moline may earn 100,000 dollars a year to help pay for its sanitation services.  In cities where this is already offered, he says advertisers include travel agents, beauty salons, pizza restaurants, and car dealers. Each placard will have a "q-r code" that can be scanned by a smart phone. 

      "You can download the code and find out how much that truck sold for, what colors are available, and what are the options on the truck. So there's an infinite amount of information that can be transferred from those small placard cards."

      Four years ago, Moline began selling ad space on the side of its garbage trucks, which now generates about 35,000 dollars per year - money used to maintain the trucks. House says other cities in this area are watching closely, and it's possible they'll also start selling space on their garbage cart lids sometime soon.