Tracy Campaigns for Illinois Lt Gov

September  12, 2013

     A state representative from western Illinois will give up her seat to run for lieutenant governor. Jil Tracy, from Quincy, has been chosen by republican gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard to be his running mate in the primary next March.  Campaigning in the Quad Cities today, Tracy said their goal is to end a decade of government control, and in-action, by democrats. 

     "I think people want to see that we have balance restored to the capital and see their two party system actually work again in Illinois. And that we break the gridlock."

     Tracy was first elected to the General Assembly in 2006. And says she and Dillard share the same values and principles - both are socially and fiscally conservative, and both want to fix Illinois' pension crisis. In fact, she's a member of the bi-partisan Conference Committee on Pension Reform trying to come up with a solution to the crisis. But it's difficult because there are 5 separate systems.

     "The university retirement system has different components, the teachers system has different components, and so do the state employees. We have to actuarially find the formulas that work and don't work with the different components."

     This is also the first year in Illinois that candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are running on the same ticket, like the president and vice president.  Another republican candidate for governor, state treasurer Dan Rutherford, has chosen Chicago attorney Steve Kim to be his running mate.