Tourism Road Show Stops in Moline

July  12, 2013

More people then ever before are visiting Illinois. Yesterday, the Illinois Tourism Department Road Show stopped at the John Deere Pavilion in Moline. The agency says travel in Henderson, Mercer, Rock Island, and Warren counties rose almost 4 percent last year, contributing around seven million dollars to the economy. 

Jen Hoelzle, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, says a new television ad campaign is already drawing in more Canadians. "Eighty-nine million eyeballs will see the Illinois Office of Tourism commercials. And it's already having a huge impact. We are seeing visitors from Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary, where previously it was only Toronto."

The ad features video and photos from tourists and Illinois residents, and the announcer is T-V journalist, Bill Kurtis. 

Hoelzle says a record 99 million Americans visited Illinois last year. That's six percent higher than 2011. They spent 31 million dollars in the state, and she says that helped create  five thousand jobs.

The tour ends this afternoon in Joliet.