Terronez Update

June  24, 2013

 Suspension but not disbarment - that's the latest recommended punishment for Jeff Terronez, former state's attorney for Rock Island County. Today a review board from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission announced its decision.

     Two years ago, Terronez resigned and pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of providing alcohol to a minor - in this case two teenage girls, including the victim in a sexual assault case against a Quad Cities high school teacher.

     One year ago, a commission hearing board recommended suspending his law license for two years. But the ARDC's administrator didn't think that was serious enough, and appealed. Today's ruling by a review board calls for a four year suspension. A commission spokesman says when a suspension is over, the person can just resume practicing law in Illinois, but an indefinite suspension or disbarment means he or she must get permission to practice again.

     The administrator plans to appeal today's decision to the Illinois Supreme Court, and ask once again for disbarment.