Tax Levy for the QC Airport

July  15, 2014

      A higher tax levy may not mean higher revenue for the Quad City Airport. Today the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Rock Island County adopted a budget for the fiscal year that started this month totalling more than 32 million dollars.

      Finance Manager, Angela Burch, says the property tax rate for the authority is now at its maximum allowable level, so revenue will increase only if property values go up.  The new levy is for 1.5 million dollars, which would be an increase of 8.8 per cent over last year. And the reason to ask for higher revenue is higher operating expenses. 

      "And within those operating expenses, to cover potential new air service opportunities or incentives related to new air service opportunities that we feel would be a great investment in the community."

      Incentives could include waiving landing fees, fuel fees, or rent.

      At its annual meeting today, the airport authority also elected Molly Foley to be the chair - she is the first woman ever to hold that position. And she was the first woman to serve on the board when she was first appointed in 2006.