Study Foreign Languages at Augustana

February  12, 2014

      Starting next fall, some high school students may start taking classes at Augustana College. The college is opening its foreign language courses to students who are seniors and have studied a language for at least four years.

      French instructor, Gillian Lederman, says many people start their foreign language studies in 7th or 8th grade, and by the time they're seniors, their high school does not offer a 5th year, or A-P class, in that language.

      "When these students want to continue their foreign language study in college it's really important that they don't have a gap year, that they maintain their fluency and deepen their knowledge. So if they didn't have the opportunity to come to Augustana and continue their studies, they wouldn't have any other options available. "

      Lederman says the offer for high school students includes French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. 

      "For example, if I take french as a foreign language, french classes for that level next year are scheduled at 2:30 in the afternoon which fits rather nicely into a high school student's schedule."

      The cost will be 1,000 dollars per 10-week, 3-credit course. A full year's study would be three terms, 9 credits, and 3,000 dollars.