It's the Snowiest Winter Ever in the QCs

February  21, 2014

This winter will go down in history as the snowiest ever in the Quad Cities. With Monday's storm total of 5.9 inches, the National Weather Service in Davenport says 53.3 inches of snow have fallen since December 1st. Meteorologist, Tom Philip, says that tops the winter of 1978-79, when 52.9 inches of snow fell. A strong Alberta Clipper and a low pressure system caused Monday's storm. And that's become a pattern -- four of the top five snowy winters have occurred in the last seven years. But Philip says record snowfall does not mean it's been a wet winter. Weather systems this winter have generally produced light, fluffy, dry snow with low water content. And despite the record snowfall, the weather service meteorologist says temperatures since the first of December have been only slightly below average. 

(Photo taken by John Peters near Morrison, IL)