Silvis School Board Proposes New Teacher Evaluation

July  30, 2014

      A local school district wants to improve its performance with more planning and teamwork. At a meeting tonight, the Silvis school board will discuss a new process to evaluate teachers. 

      Superintendent Ray Bergles says its part of a plan to adopt new state standards in the classrooms. The model, called the Charlotte Danielson framework, consists of a rubric for curriculum planning and professional training. 

       "How do you manage your classroom at your student behavior? Are you establishing a culture of learning? This is the 70 to 75% of the evaluation that eventually will also include 25 to 30% of how much the students are learning."

      The current teacher evaluation is over 25 years old, and Bergles says it was close to a checklist that required little accountability and collaboration.  But the school district assigned a commitee of 7 teachers and 2 administrators to make sure the new evaluation will fit the district's needs.

       "It's going to require a lot of work on both the principals' and teachers' part because that's what evaluations are supposed to be. They're supposed to be helping people to get better at their jobs. You know, we don't want it to be a thing that we, you know, hit people over the head with."

       The Silvis school board will discuss the new teacher evaluation process at its meeting at 6pm. Bergles says members are highly likely to approve the recommendation and vote on it next week. 

       The school district should implement the new process this fall.