Roudebush Retires

January  31, 2013

     More libraries, more patrons, more materials, more websites, and more blogs. That's one way to sum up the accomplishments of Davenport library director, LaWanda Roudebush, who's retiring today after more than 9 years on the job.

     After a long career in Davenport and elsewhere, she wants to take some time off, and spend time with her family.

     "And one of the things I'm looking forward to is reading what I want to read instead of all the reports."

     Roudebush has overseen the expansion of the Davenport Library, with the construction of the Eastern Avenue and Fairmount Street branches. But the expansion has also included the adoption of new technology such as e-books.

     Circulation for the Davenport Library last year totalled more than 860,000 items, including 16,000 e-books. And the three libraries hosted nearly 1,000 meetings. When Roudebush became director, 35,000 local residents had library cards. Today, there are nearly 57,000.

     The library board is now interviewing several finalists to replace her.