Rock River Kayak Trip

May  28, 2014

      A long paddle down the Rock River will help a small college in Wisconsin. On Tuesday, Jake Boucher from Aledo, and two friends, completed a kayak trip along the entire length of the river to raise money for Maranatha University. They started near Waupun, Wisconsin on May 13th, and after 320 miles, arrived in the Quad Cities.

      Boucher says it was a very pleasant trip, and he'd recommend it for anyone.

      "And I tell everybody I would take my mom on the trip. She's never kayaked before, but it was that easy. The Lord really blessed us with just the right conditions. We didn't have any problems with weather really."

      Nearly every night during the two-week trip, he and his friends camped out, on the shore. And they only had to portage their kayaks around the various dams along the river. 

      Thanks to yearly cleanups along the Rock River, Boucher says it was very clean - he remembers seeing just one bottle floating on the water.

      "Another thing I noticed  - when you get to a logjam usually on other rivers you'll see a cooler or a lawn chair or something lodged in with everything. But on this river, there's really nothing in there lodged with it"

      People pledged from ten cents to one dollar per mile, but he won't know how much was raised for a couple of weeks. Proceeds will benefit the athletic programs at Maranatha University, in Watertown, Wisconsin. 


(photos courtesy of Jake Boucher, Jon Gress, and Garret Feik, from their FB page Rock River Start to Finish)