Rock Island's annual State of the City address

January  08, 2013

Mayor Pauley's State of the City WVIK News Focus

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     The numbers show 2012 was a good year for Rock Island - nearly 90 million dollars worth of development projects were announced or are in progress, 20 new businesses opened, and six more made major renovations.

     That was the message today from Mayor Dennis Pauley during his annual state of the city address to a joint meeting of Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs.  And those projects mean a lot of construction jobs, long-term jobs, and sales tax revenue for the city. 

     "Even though the past few years have been financially challenging for many cities and states, Rock Island continues to have an AA credit rating, a balanced budget, we pay our bills on time, we have a 90 day reserve, and we watch our expenses closely."
     The city also made substantial progress on its long-term goal of strengthening neighborhoods - demolishing some old homes and renovating others, plus building new homes. 

     The recently-adopted strategic plan for the city lists 5 top priorities - financial stability, economic development, re-development, infra-structure, and high quality city services. 

     Listen to exerpts on the audio player located under the photo of Mayor Pauley.