Rock Island Deer Hunt

August  13, 2014

      Rock Island is preparing for the second deer hunt within the city limits. Applications from prospective bow  hunters are now being accepted, through next week. 

      Deputy police chief Jason Foy says last winter, 12 hunters killed 6 deer, but the city's very short first season was also hampered by extreme cold. This year, the season in Rock Island will be the same as the Illinois DNR bow season - from October lst to January 18th.

      "The only significant change, other than the season being longer, is the opportunity to increase the number of sites. That was changed to up to 8 private sistes and 6 public sites."

      And that will be double the number of possible hunting sites from last winter (4 private and 3 public).

      Rock Island officials began discussing a deer hunt after complaints from homeowners about the animals damaging their gardens and to reduce the chance of deer-car collisions. The city will hold an informational meeting tonight at 5:30 in city hall for prospective hunters and property owners who might want to allow hunting on their land.  The application deadline is August 22nd.