Rock Island County Needs a New Courthouse

September  20, 2013

     Build a new courthouse but keep the county office building - those are the recommendations from a special committee studying space and facility needs for Rock Island County. They were approved Thursday by the Ad Hoc Committee after several months of study.

     Co-chair Brian Vyncke says committee members agreed the courthouse is too old and could not be renovated. And instead a new courthouse should be built directly behind it, to the west, and next to the justice center. But the office building can be saved. 

     "The consultant went through with some different contractors and said the building is actually in good condition. It needs quite a bit of updating but at least the structure itself is able to accomplish what we need."

     A third recommendation from the committee is to keep the offices and courtrooms close together in downtown Rock Island.

     "The concern was that if a person came to do county businesss and they ended up in the wrong location, that they would not have to re-direct them to another part of town. That everything is pretty much in walking distance from one another so that accomplished those things."

     Vyncke says the next step is to meet with the consultant who's been working with the county, and discuss how a new courthouse could be connected with the justice center.  Probably next spring, residents of Rock Island County will be asked to approve a funding plan for these projects.