Rock Island County coordinates flood preparation with emergency personnel

April  18, 2013

Rock Island County is getting ready to help cities, towns, and villages fight high water on the Mississippi and Rock rivers.  Board Chairman, Phil Banaszek, has declared an official emergency, and employees are coordinating their efforts with the Rock Island County Emergency Management Agency.

Highway department workers are filling sandbags at the county garage on Andalusia Road in Milan. Once they're ready, the sandbags will be hauled to various cities for distribution to residents and businesses.

Banaszek also says police and firefighters will work with the Red Cross to arrange for emergency shelters for any residents who may have to leave their homes.  The Rock Island County Regional Superintendent of Schools has been calling superintendents to ask what schools may be available for use as emergency shelters, and how many people they could hold. More information is available on the county web site, and check for a variety of tips about how to deal with flooding.