Rock Island County Board Investigation

August  08, 2014

      Local citizens want more accountability and transparency in government. Today, members of the Rock Island County Republican Party held a press conference to express their concerns about the pending investigation of the county board.

      In July, Rock Island County State's Attorney, John McGehee, asked the Illinois Attorney General to review an Illinois State Police report about accusations of corruption on the board. 

      Bill Bloom, chairman of the party, believes board members and residents deserve an open and "swift, yet thorough investigation."

      "I'd like to see an announcement on what the process will be, I'd like to see some kind of periodic update--'Here's where we are in our investigation.' I'd like to maybe some sort of a goal of what they can provide to us by november because some of these issues are important as far as the election goes."

       He says Attorney General Lisa Madigan has neglected past cases involving wrongdoing in Rock Island County. He says it took two years for her office to investigate an acusation of violations of the Freedom of Information Act.

       Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General, Paul Schimpf, says preventing corruption should be a priority for all public officials.

      "Pointing out--saying that she should be held accountable for her campaign promises--that's not negative partisan politics. That's owning up to the fact that she hasn't been able to get the job done."

      The Illinois State Police concluded its investigation of criminal activity by Rock Island County Board members. Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, may decide whether charges should be filed.


(Photo: L to R, Republican Attorney General candidate, Paul Schimpf, and RI Republican Party chairman, Bill Bloom.)