Robbery at Ascentra Credit Union

July  02, 2013

Davenport Police are looking for a man suspected of holding up a credit union earlier today. Around 9:45 this morning, they responded to a robbery at Ascentra Credit Union in the 1500 block of 53rd Street.

Police Chief Frank Donchez said they have yet to identify the suspect. "A white male, approximately 5'6", inferred he that he had a weapon. He left the scene in a dark colored car. Currently, we have detectives on the scene and we're working that case as we speak," he said.

If the suspect did have a weapon, he didn't use it. No one was injured.

The suspect is also described as in his 40's and wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Anyone with more information should call Davenport Police at (563) 326-6154.