"Ride Transit Week" in Iowa

June  16, 2014

      More residents of the Iowa Quad Cities take the bus to work than you might think. That's according to the Iowa Department of Transportation, which is promoting public transportation with a campaign called "Ride Transit Week." 

      Becky Passman, a spokeswoman for the Bi-State Regional Commission, says public transportation is a "lifeline" for residents, such as seniors and students. Plus, it's a way to save money, conserve energy, and reduce traffic. 

      "Another factor is that people are becoming aware of the benefits that do ensue from that. They don't have to drive. They can read or do work while they're on the bus without having to pay attention. You know, someone else is doing the driving for them."

      Last year ridership in Bettendorf totaled 212,000, an increase of 33% compared to eight years ago. Davenport ridership has increased 46%  in the same period to more than 1.3 million rides.  Passman says gives credit to Bettendorf Transit, Davenport CitiBus, and River Bend Transit. 

      "They do work very hard to coordinate their services and function as seamlessly possible. They work hard to make it so that you can transfer from one system to another system and use all three to get to where you need to go."

      River Bend provides transit services in Muscatine, Scott, Cedar, and Clinton counties. "Ride Transit Week" ends Saturday. It's part of a national effort, called "Dump the Pump." To celebrate, Davenport CitiBus will offer 2-for-1 bus tickets for riders traveling with a friend.