RI Community Survey

August  01, 2013

     Residents of Rock Island can help plan the future of the city. As it begins work on a new, 20-year comprehensive plan, the city is asking people to fill out a survey.

     Jeff Eder, director of community and economic development, says the survey first asks residents to rate Rock Island in several areas.

     "The first question is quality of life - in your opinion is Rock Island, as a place to live, is it excellent, good, fair, or poor. Is it a good place to raise children ? To retire ? And then asks for comments."

     The city also wants to know what residents think about its streets, parks, schools, downtown, and even disaster preparedness.

     Eder says a key feature of the new plan will be a land use map.

     "It'll say we want this use at this location in the future. It may not be true today, but say in southwest Rock Island, which is where we have a lot more room for growth, we'll say we want residential of this type in this area, maybe higher density in other areas, industrial in this area, and so forth"

     Starting today, the community survey will be available on the Rock Island website - ri gov dot org, through the end of the month. Eder says the responses will be tabulated and included in a draft plan that should be completed by the end of the year.