Renew Moline Anniversary

July  23, 2014

      An organization that's helped to transform downtown Moline will begin celebrating its anniversary Thursday night. Renew Moline will host a concert by the popular local rock band, Gray Wolf.

      Executive director Janet Mathis says the public private partnership was formed in 1989 when plans were being made to build a new civic center, originally known as The Mark. 

      "Several people thought it would be a good idea to look at the rest of downtown Moline and what should be done to take it from an industrial center, because it was all factories at the time for the most part. And look at ways to support the Mark and the efforts it would make to bring in concerts and other entertainment opportunities."

      Its first project opened three years later (1992) - the Heritage Office building on 5th Avenue which is the headquarters for John Deere's Construction and Forestry Division. Projects since then include Bass Street Landing, the Stoney Creek Inn, and River Station.

      Renew Moline's current projects are phase 2 of Western Illinois University's riverfront campus that's scheduled to open next month, privately-owned student housing next to the WIU campus, and the new Amtrak station and hotel, scheduled to open in 2016. 

      Thursday onight's concert by Gray Wolf will be held at Bass Street Landing, beginning at 7 o'clock. Upcoming anniversary events for Renew Moline include a landscaping project this fall with Western Illinois University, and an anniversary gala in November.  


(photo courtesy of Renew Moline - the Heritage Office Building)