Red Cross Fire Safety

October  09, 2013

     The Red Cross will take its fire safety campaign to a Moline neighborhood tomorrow. Volunteers will go door-to-door in the Floreciente neighborhood with information about smoke detectors, creating a family fire escape plan, and advice on safe cooking and heating.

     This is national Fire Prevention Week and Fire Prevention Month, but spokeswoman Brooke Mehaffey says the Red Cross is also very concerned about the high number of fires this year. The Quad Cities chapter covers 11 Iowa and Illinois counties, and in these counties during the past year, there've been 240 fires, with 47 of them in Moline.

     "Usually fires are more prevalent in the winter months and kind of start around October. And that's why October is Fire Prevention Month. Because of the heating and electronic heaters and the kind of stuff people have in their homes. But we have had increased instances and it's hard to tell what the cause is or why. The fires just come like they do."

     Just in the past three months, the Red Cross has helped victims of 68 fires in the Quad Cities region, including ten in Moline.

     In addition to volunteers from the chapter, the door-to-door canvas in Moline Thursday night will include students from a co-ed service fraternity at Augustana College - Alpha Phi Omega.