Re-purposing an old Eagles Store

August  19, 2013

     A vacant grocery store in the Quad Cities has found new life, thanks to modern technology. A company called ColoHub has spent 18 million dollars to remodel the former Eagles store, and turn it into a data center.

     President and ceo Scott Rubins says companies will lease space for their computer servers, either for backup or for their primary website and data servers. 

     "Information in the cloud - this is what we consider the cloud - is becoming more and more critical. Your social security number, my social security number, credit card information - it all needs to be in a place like this so that nobody can access it. You can control it, it's climate controlled, the power's always on. It's very importeant these servers are up and running all the time."

     Security includes 26 cameras inside, 9 more outside, and armed guards, plus swipe card access through all doors.  Rubins says data security also includes dependable electricity, and a lot of it - enough to power about 7,000 homes. 

     "We have backup generators, redundant cooling systems - everything is built in pairs so that if one fails then the other picks up the entire load, thus the rather high price tag."

     The new data center in Bettendorf officially opens September lst, but possible clients from Boston, California, and even India have already paid it a visit. And at least one client is already preparing to move in.


(photo: Scott Rubins in one of 3, 10,000 square foot "pods" ready to host his clients' servers)