Quinn Visits Quad City Airport

June  27, 2014

      Direct flights from the Quad Cities to Washington, D.C. could become a reality. Illinois governor Pat Quinn is scheduled to visit the Quad City Airport tomorrow.

      For months, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce and local state lawmakers have pushed for legislation that would help pay for nonstop service from Moline to Dulles International Airport. 

      Scott Vandewoestyne, spokeman for the Quad Cities Chamber, says convenient access to the nation's capital is important for many officials and businessowners, especially those at the Rock Island Arsenal.

      "We were meeting with senior leadership at the Pentagon and they said, a acritical issue for the Rock Island Arsenal was the fact that we don't have director access to Washington, D.C. and they callenged us to make that happen to help protect and grow the Rock Island Arsenal."

      He says the Chamber is in negotiations with an airline company to service the estimated 10,000 passengers fly between the Quad Cities and Washington, D.C. every year. 

       "At this point, we're kind of anticipating 2 daily round trip flights from the Quad Cities to Dulles up there, and then, based on frequency or need, that could increase."

      Under a proposed bill which the Chamber hopes the governor will sign, Illinois would provide 4.5 million in tax dollars over three years to subsidize 50-passenger planes. 

      Tomorrow at 10:45 AM, Governor Pat Quinn will visit the Quad City Airport.