QC Vigil for Newtown

January  13, 2013

     A vigil to remember the victims, and support survivors, of the Connecticut school shootings will be held tonight in the Quad Cities. It's sponsored by ten local Rotary clubs.  One of the organizers is Glenn Kass, from the Bettendorf Rotary.

     "With it being one month to the day since the events in Newtown, this is a chance to reflect, and realize it could have happened to any of us. And certainly we want to remembers those folks."

      After the shootings Kass called the Newtown Rotary club and asked how he could help. And learned about a special fund set up to help the town heal. 

     "One of the things the president of their club told me was now we need dollars because it's things like counseling - people are going to need counseling for quite a while after this. Some of the first responders in Newtown are still unable to work after what they witnessed."

     Singing at the vigil tonight will be the Quad City Gospel Fest Choir, Kingdom Kids Choir, the Jenny Lind Choir from Augustana College, and Rick Sandine.  A banner will also be available for people to sign, which will be sent to the Newtown Rotary Club. Donations for the Newtown Rotary Club will be also accepted.   The vigil begins at 6:30 pm at Modern Woodmen Park, in Davenport.