QC Rises in National Rankings

March  28, 2013

     The Quad Cities continues to move up in a national study of regional economies. This year's rankings by the independent research organization, Policom, put us at number 106 out of 366 metropolitan areas - the best ranking in the past ten years.

     Tara Barney, president and ceo of the Quad City Chamber of Commerce, says Policom looks at 23 different factors, in rating the strength of regional economies.

     "The work the United Way is doing is as important to the success of this ranking as the work of the chamber and what cities are doing. It really challenges the entire community to work together to become more successful."

     Barney says the chamber uses these rankings in its recruiting efforts, but companies already here use them too.

     "There are companies in this market right now that have a national headquarters somewhere. And they have to compete every year for how many resources they get. And this is one of the factors the national headquarters are using to decide do I give 5 milllion dollars to the Quad Cities, or nothing."

     Ten years ago, the Quad Cities ranked number 287. Now we're number 106. And Barney says the chamber's goal is to place in the top quarter - at number 91 or better.